What’s CarSharing?

CarSharing is just that – sharing cars. SCC members share the cost and access of cars with members of their community. It’s ideal for those who driveĀ sometimes. You may walk, bike, or bus to school or work but need a car for occasional trips. If you’re picking up groceries and need a car, simply reserve one using our online booking system.

How it Works

SCC members have exclusive 24/7 access to our vehicles and only pay for what they use. View our rates. Our cars are parked in their designated spots in Saskatoon. Vehicles are conveniently located so that members can easily access them by bike or transit. As SCC grows, more cars will be available in more neighbourhoods with locations determined by our membership. Once you have your SCC membership and unique key fob you’ll be ready to roll.

Driver must be a minimum of 21 years of age, and hold a full Canadian license (e.g. Class 5 or equivalent) with zero at-fault accidents in the past three years. International drivers are not currently eligible to join.

1. Book a car using our online booking system (mobile or desktop).
2. Find the car in its designated spot.
3. Unlock the doors by waving your key fob in front of the car’s sensor.
4. Drive.
5. Return the car to its designated parking spot.
6. Lock the doors and end your booking by waving your key fob in front of the car’s sensor again.

The CarShare system automatically logs the time and distance you traveled to calculate your monthly bill. View our rates.

Look at the map on our Book a Car page to see exactly where you can find our cars.

You can also review our Member Manual and our Bylaws for more information about what it means to be a Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative member and driver.

Economics of Car Ownership

CarSharing is a win-win scenario.

It’s a win for you because you save money by not having to own a car.

Being a CarShare member helps you save money. A typical car-owner spends an average of $6,400 per year. That comes out to about $533 per month or $17.64/day to maintain and operate an efficient vehicle. By making simple changes to integrate walking, biking, busing and CarSharing into your traveling habits you can save some serious cash. 

It is a win for the environment, the city of Saskatoon, and your community. 

For every CarShare vehicle out there, another five cars are taken off the road. That means fewer vehicles need to be driven, fuelled, and maintained. Less vehicles on the road also means less traffic on our streets.