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Whether to improve our health, lower our cost of living, or reduce our impact on the environment, many Saskatonians are choosing active methods of transportation and public transit. There are some tasks, however, that require the convenience of driving.

The Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative (SCC) offers the freedom of vehicle access without the expense and hassle of car maintenance.

CarSharing is a cost-effective, convenient and sustainable alternative to private car ownership.
Keep reading to learn about CarSharing and how to become a member of SCC.

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CarSharing is a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN

Convenient, affordable, sustainable, and healthy


CarSharing is a convenient service and can save you some serious cash.

  • No time or unexpected costs on vehicle maintenance
  • Usage fees are low and you only pay when you use a car
  • No insurance or gas costs
  • Vehicles are conveniently located in your community and close to transit


CarSharing is a more sustainable alternative to private car ownership. 

  • Fewer vehicles need to be manufactured, fuelled and maintained; for every CarShare vehicle, an average of five personal vehicles are taken off the road
  • CarSharing reduces traffic congestion, noise, and stress on public infrastructure
  • CarSharing supports public and active modes of transportation
  • Well-maintained vehicles produce less pollution


Become a CarShare co-op member and exercise your civic muscles to:

  • Promote active transportation, walking and biking for a healthy lifestyle
  • Develop community through democracy, sharing and caring
  • Address social inequality for those unable to afford a private vehicle
  • Encourage pedestrian culture by reducing the number of vehicles on our streets
  • Scott Bell
    I am a member of the SCC because I believe in a diverse and active transportation system. This includes providing people an alternative to owning an extra car, or for some residents owning even one car. SCC promotes community, the environment, and the Saskatoon transportation system.

    Scott Bell / Director, The Spatial Initiative University of Saskatchewan /

  • Audra Krueger
    CarSharing is the missing link in a complete public transit system; a CarShare means more people using public transit and less people driving. And just as important is the business model; co-ops are democratic, rooted in community and are an effective tool in solving societies' biggest challenges.

    Audra Krueger / Centre for the Study of Co-operatives /

  • Frederick Khonje
    The SCC is such a novel and great idea! I'm a member in the SCC because I think it's time for Saskatoon to embrace alternative transport and I can't wait to get rid of my car and start using the CarShare co-op in my neighbourhood.

    Frederick Khonje / Co-operative Development Office, Saskatchewan Co-operative Association /

  • David Stobbe / Stobbe Photography
    CarSharing means my family has a car when we need it but enables us to minimize our environmental footprint and monthly costs through reduced driving. If Saskatchewan were a country, we would have the second highest per capita greenhouse gas emissions on the planet. We need more sustainable transportation options for Saskatchewan residents and a CarSharing co-op helps address that gap.

    Marcia McKenzie / Director, Sustainability Education Research Institute; Associate Professor, Department of Educational Foundations, University of Saskatchewan /

  • Heather Lake
    CarSharing makes committing to more sustainable and healthy modes of transportation even easier, and I love SCC's co-operative, community-oriented business model.

    Heather Lake / WAM Saskatoon /

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