Purpose and Goals

CarSharing is simple! Instead of owning one or more personal vehicles, CarShare members have access to a network of shared vehicles 24 hours a day & 7 days a week at unattended self-service locations. CarSharing helps our members save money by dividing costs, promoting the use of fuel-efficient vehicles, and encouraging members to drive less often. Read our bylaws.

Our MissionTo provide member-focused, affordable, and convenient access to vehicles that supports a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle.

Our Vision: The Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative is the trusted and go-to option for automobile transportation, as part of a diversity of travel options for residents in central Saskatoon.


Easy-to-use service makes CarSharing fun and simple.


A cost-effective alternative to purchasing and maintaining a personal vehicle.


Fewer vehicles need to be manufactured, maintained, fueled and driven.


CarSharing complements active and public modes of transportation.

SCC Board of Directors

Dave Palibroda

David Palibroda

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Lee Pirot


Sean Homenick

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