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Thanksgiving and Co-op Week Crowdfunding Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving! We first want to say how thankful we are for your contribution and support so far. There is less than a week left for our campaign and we have some important updates for you.

Our New Campaign Goal: $13,000

Last weekend we got a wonderful endorsement from Sun Country Highways saying they would match every dollar you contributed to our campaign. This is fantastic news, because that means our crowdfunding goal to bring in two vehicles has been cut in half ($13,000)!

Help us Become Canada’s First Solar Powered CarShare Co-op

The best part of our partnership with Sun Country is that they are going to outfit one of our new fleet cars to be a solar powered electric vehicle! This is a game changer for Saskatoon CarShare Co-op, because it takes us to the next level in sustainability.

Watch our Sun Country Partnership Video for more details

A Challenge to All of Saskatoon

For the next six days, we need to raise $10,000 to add two new vehicles to our fleet. In order to reach our goal we need you, our backers, to show their support and challenge Saskatoon to meet and beat our new goal.

Here’s how you can help:

Brag on Facebook: Update your Facebook status and tell everyone that you are helping bring solar powered CarShare to Saskatoon. Log-in and copy and paste this statement to show your support:

I am helping Saskatoon CarShare Co-op bring SOLAR POWERED CARSHARE to ‪Saskatoon! I challenge my Facebook friends to contribute $5: #YXECarShare

Tell it To the Twitterverse: Tweet out your love for Saskatoon CarShare and that you are supporting SCC to bring solar powered vehicles to Saskatoon. Send out the following tweet and we will make sure to retweet your support to our followers:

I am helping @YXECarShareCoop bring SOLAR POWERED CARSHARE to ‪Saskatoon! I challenge you to contribute: #YXECarShare

Tweet it loud and tweet it often!

We believe Saskatoon is ready to introduce truly sustainable transportation solutions for our city. But, this can only happen only if you show your support. Help us become Canada’s first solar powered CarShare!


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