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Saskatoon CarShare Co-Op Becomes a Member of CSA

The Saskatoon CarShare Co-op was launched in February of 2014, and after a very successful first year has joined the ranks of the CarSharing Association (CSA).

The CSA works with shared-use mobility operators to advance industry standards, best practices and public policy advocacy. Collectively, the CSA represents more than 4,000 shared vehicles and 125,000 drivers. They help members develop business strategy, improve operational efficiency and increase the positive social and environmental impacts of carsharing through our networking and conference events held around the world.

The CSA represents carsharing organizations (CSOs) interested in improving the credibility, quality of service and public knowledge of the carsharing industry.

All member organizations encourage growth and expansion of carsharing and related sustainable transportation services. Members focus on creating environmental and social benefits for the communities they serve and recognize that carsharing is a part a sustainable transportation network that includes walking, cycling, buses, trains and carpooling.

We hope our membership will benefit the CSA, as well as our members, our drivers and the people of Saskatoon.


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I'm dedicated to community ownership of all kinds. I'm a member of several co-operatives and believe that Saskatoon can be great because of them.

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