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SCC’s New Member Referral Program

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Introducing SCC’s newest incentive program: the SCC Member Referral Program. Refer a friend, colleague, neighbour or family member to join Saskatoon CarShare Co-op and we will reward you with a $40 driving credit! The more people you refer, the more driving credits you will receive.

Just make sure that you have your referral provide us with your name and Member Account Number.

To locate your account number just follow these steps

  1. Log into your SCC account
  2. Find your name and Account Number (in parentheses) at the top right hand side of your account page
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New Affordable Group Rates

It’s always more fun to CarShare together.

Introducing SCC’s new Group Member Rates

Family/Household plan: Now you and your family or roommates can sign up together and save under our Family/Household plan. Reduced membership fees and the most affordable rates for everyone living under the same roof.

Corporate plan: CarSharing can be a great cost saver for any enterprise. Is your company or office located near one of our cars? Help your business and staff cut their transportation costs by signing up under our Corporate plan.

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The True Costs of Car Ownership

In Saskatoon we love our cars. In fact in 2010 for the first time in Saskatoon’s history, there were more vehicles in the city than people. If we knew the real economics behind car ownership, perhaps it would give us pause and question why we individually own our cars (most cases two or more per household). An interesting article by Stephen Leahy shines a light on the true costs of car ownership. The numbers are telling us that individual car ownership costs Canadian a lot of money, with very little return on investment.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to take a closer look at the costs of car ownership and accept the fact that the best economic move is to let go of our cars and seek alternatives such as public transportation, biking, walking and of course CarSharing.

Curious how much it costs to own and maintain your car? Check out CAA’s calculator:

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SCC Info Session

We are having an Info Session this Saturday!

Come learn more about the Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative (SCC) at the WAM Share Fair this Saturday, October 5.

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