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Our wonderful friends at CFCR 90.5FM had our coordinator, Jessie, over a week ago or so to talk about our service and the promotions we were running. You may have heard her January 20 with Lenore Swystun on Civically Speaking. Our recording starts part way in, but you won't miss anything.
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SCC’s New Member Referral Program

Introducing SCC's newest incentive program: the SCC Member Referral Program. Refer a friend, colleague, neighbour or family member to join Saskatoon CarShare Co-op and we will reward you with a $40 driving credit! The more people you refer, the more driving credits you will receive. Just make sure that you have your referral
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New Affordable Group Rates

It's always more fun to CarShare together. Introducing SCC's new Group Member Rates Family/Household plan: Now you and your family or roommates can sign up together and save under our Family/Household plan. Reduced membership fees and the most affordable rates for everyone living under the same roof. Corporate plan: CarSharing can be a
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