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Thanksgiving and Co-op Week Crowdfunding Challenge

Happy Thanksgiving! We first want to say how thankful we are for your contribution and support so far. There is less than a week left for our campaign and we have some important updates for you.

Our New Campaign Goal: $13,000

Last weekend we got a wonderful endorsement from Sun Country Highways saying they would match every dollar you contributed to our campaign. This is fantastic news, because that means our crowdfunding goal to bring in two vehicles has been cut in half ($13,000)!

Help us Become Canada’s First Solar Powered CarShare Co-op

The best part of our partnership with Sun Country is that they are going to outfit one of our new fleet cars to be a solar powered electric vehicle! This is a game changer for Saskatoon CarShare Co-op, because it takes us to the next level in sustainability.

Watch our Sun Country Partnership Video for more details

A Challenge to All of Saskatoon

For the next six days, we need to raise $10,000 to add two new vehicles to our fleet. In order to reach our goal we need you, our backers, to show their support and challenge Saskatoon to meet and beat our new goal.

Here’s how you can help:

Brag on Facebook: Update your Facebook status and tell everyone that you are helping bring solar powered CarShare to Saskatoon. Log-in and copy and paste this statement to show your support:

I am helping Saskatoon CarShare Co-op bring SOLAR POWERED CARSHARE to ‪Saskatoon! I challenge my Facebook friends to contribute $5: #YXECarShare

Tell it To the Twitterverse: Tweet out your love for Saskatoon CarShare and that you are supporting SCC to bring solar powered vehicles to Saskatoon. Send out the following tweet and we will make sure to retweet your support to our followers:

I am helping @YXECarShareCoop bring SOLAR POWERED CARSHARE to ‪Saskatoon! I challenge you to contribute: #YXECarShare

Tweet it loud and tweet it often!

We believe Saskatoon is ready to introduce truly sustainable transportation solutions for our city. But, this can only happen only if you show your support. Help us become Canada’s first solar powered CarShare!


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Crowdfunding on CBC

Our coordinator, Jessie, was on CBC Saskatoon Morning earlier this week to give a demonstration of one of our cars and to let people know about our current crowdfunding campaign. Thanks, Josh, for letting us show you what we’ve got!

Have a listen:

And, yes, the ignition key is right there in the glove box. Just remember that without the fob to unlock the doors and enable the engine, the key isn’t going to get you anywhere!

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Our Crowdfunding Launch Party

We officially launched our Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign Tuesday and CTV stopped by to cover our launch party! Check out 11:06 for some footage. That’s yours truly at the end of our segment!

We are raising funds to expand our services to two targeted communities: Downtown and City Park. Our goal is to raise $26,000 to grow our fleet by two cars.

The best thing you can do is contribute. The more you contribute the bigger the perk! The next best thing you can do is to help spread the word. Here are some things you can do:

  • Check out our crowdfunding web page for updates, and share with your friends and family online.
  • Brag to your friends and followers on social media that you contributed to our campaign.
  • Email or talk to your friends, family and work mates and tell them about us, the great “Thank you” perks, and even challenge them to meet or beat your contribution.
  • Follow us on Twitter and Facebook and share our fundraising posts.
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Annual General Meeting – June 6, 2015

The Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative invites you to our AGM!

Exciting things are happening at the SCC these days! Come find out what’s happening with your friendly neighbourhood CarShare Co-op.
Members and general community welcome! Snacks and coffee provided.

Date: June 6, 2015
Time: 5 – 8 pm
Location: d’Lish by Tish (702A 14th Street East, Saskatoon)

RSVP online with Picatic


Members are encouraged to attend:

  • Voice your opinions and exercise your co-operative vote!
  • Become a member of the board!
  • Find out about new opportunities to stay involved in your co-op and community!
  • Share ideas and help spread the word.
  • Find out our plans for 2015.
  • Members who bring a friend to sign-up will get a $40 driving credit!


Supporters and community members are welcome to attend…

  • Learn more about car sharing and its benefits!
  • Network and share ideas about a greener Saskatoon!
  • Ask questions and have them answered on the spot!
  • “Meet” our cars! Participate in a walk-through of how our vehicles and systems function
  • Sign up! It’s never been easier to become a member with rates suited to a Saskatonian lifestyle; become a full co-operative or casual member! View our rates.
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Saskatchewan Eco Network Environmental Activism Award

Hooray for our team! The Saskatchewan Eco Network presented us with their Environmental Activism Award last night at the Green Un-Gala for their 10th Annual Saskatoon Environmental Film Festival.

As you well know, we have all worked tirelessly to get the co-op going in Saskatoon over the last several years. Since last February, we’ve coordinated the purchase of our 2 vehicles and started to develop our membership base around the Broadway area, which includes the Nutana, Buena Vista, Haultain and Varsity View neighbourhoods.

Of course, our main goal is to reduce transportation-related greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Saskatoon, as well as other vehicle ownership costs and by-products. Carshares in other cities have shown that every carshare vehicle available can take 5-15 privately owned vehicles off the road. In fact, we’re already responsible for GHG emissions reductions of over 1000 tonnes!

Thanks again to the Saskatchewan Eco Network. We’ll have a vehicle at the Roxy Theatre (320 20th St. W., Saskatoon) this afternoon during the film festival.

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Free Yoga Classes

To embrace car sharing in Saskatoon JNS Yoga Studio is happy to announce that until March 31, 2015 members of the Saskatoon CarShare Co-operative (SCC) who use an SCC vehicle to attend classes at JNS will receive a free class. Sessional and flexi students will not be deducted a class from their total and casual students will not be charged for a drop in.

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SCC at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market on Global Saskatoon

During our time at the Saskatoon Farmers’ Market yesterday, we met a lot of great people and got our message out to a lot of potential new members. We were even featured on Global Saskatoon Evening News!

You’ll want to jump to the 8:00 minute mark to see us—which isn’t to say that the rest of the news is not interesting and informative.

Remember that for the month of January, all new members who sign-up will get their application fee waived. That’s a $30 savings right off the get go! As well, casual members will be treated to premium co-op member rates. That’s a savings of $2 per hour for all your bookings in January!

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Saskatoon CarShare Co-Op Becomes a Member of CSA

The Saskatoon CarShare Co-op was launched in February of 2014, and after a very successful first year has joined the ranks of the CarSharing Association (CSA).

The CSA works with shared-use mobility operators to advance industry standards, best practices and public policy advocacy. Collectively, the CSA represents more than 4,000 shared vehicles and 125,000 drivers. They help members develop business strategy, improve operational efficiency and increase the positive social and environmental impacts of carsharing through our networking and conference events held around the world.

The CSA represents carsharing organizations (CSOs) interested in improving the credibility, quality of service and public knowledge of the carsharing industry.

All member organizations encourage growth and expansion of carsharing and related sustainable transportation services. Members focus on creating environmental and social benefits for the communities they serve and recognize that carsharing is a part a sustainable transportation network that includes walking, cycling, buses, trains and carpooling.

We hope our membership will benefit the CSA, as well as our members, our drivers and the people of Saskatoon.


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